The brand new stylish dancing shoes that you can find on our updated Bride Diaries E-shop and on our Etsy store are the perfect gift for your guests!

We all know that after a few hours of dancing after a day with our favourite heels, our feet get tired and force us to sit down. Why not keep the dance floor of the wedding party alive until dawn by giving your guests stylish comfortable dancing shoes?

The dancing shoes in gold metallic colour are folding ballerinas that your guests will wear, leaving their heels on the side, thus enjoying the dance floor. A pair of dancing shoes that they can use again and again and keep in their bag, since they can fold them and put them in a specially designed pouch to take with them to the next party.

Decorate them near the dance floor and let your guests choose the right size for them and dance until the sun comes up!

Find the stylish dancing shoes at the Bride Diaries E-shop or at our online store on

Photo Credits: Bride Diaries E-shop / Antonis Prodromou Photography / Make up Art by Anna Pambaka / Artemiou Hair Designs / Gala Montenapoleone / Luciana Weddings and Events

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