We have seen boho, elegant, art deco weddings, today we are introducing a very special wedding style, with a theme made of stars and the moon. What’s more romantic than sitting and gazing at the starry night with your loved one, on the beach, in the backyard of your home, or on some rooftop. Surely the whole spectacle is magical and brings you to a romantic journey full of emotions and you feel everything negative from the routine of everyday life to staying back as your mind becomes one with the stars.

So why not try to transfer all this magic on the day of your wedding? A day full of stars under the moonlight. Well, some will wonder how we can predict if the night we get married will be full of stars. But I’m not talking about these stars, though if they are visible on your wedding night they are welcome and add to the magic of the evening, but I’m talking about details that depict stars and the moon, reminding us of galaxies far far away.

Macarons with golden details, thousands of small lights, moon rocks decorated on the tables or a large paper moon, can be some of the ingredients of the recipe for your wedding decoration. I would advise you to consult a wedding planner to help you because the peculiarity of this style can lead to decorative mistakes if an experienced decorator does not handle it properly.

Get a taste of beautiful pictures that will take you one step closer to this magical journey.



Photo Credits: Evelyn Eslava Photography via Green Wedding Shoes / Hazelwood Photography via 100 Layer Cake / Hazelwood Photography via 100 Layer Cake / M&J Photography via Love My Dress / Peterson Design & Photography via Chic Vintage Brides / via Intimate Weddings / via Intimate Weddings / via Intimate Weddings / via Jewelry Twinkle / via Pinterest

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