We fell in love with the simplicity and elegance of today’s styled shoot! Atelier Zolotas presents two of their handmade wedding dresses from the Hellenic Vintage Collection, described by avant-garde originality, “Polydora” and “Aegle”, captured by Valentiny Photography at the newly renovated Municipal Theatre of Piraeus.

Atelier Zolotas says about this styled shoot “At a glance, one can tell that the core of the Hellenic Vintage collection is deeply Greek, inspired by heritage and traditional craftsmanship, combined with contemporary design. And as everybody knows, Greek harmony is a timeless synonym of elegance. Most importantly, it blends perfectly with the bohemian spirit which fashion-forward brides continuously fall in love with, all around the world.

The result of this unique haute couture collection by Atelier Zolotas, is stunning. These gowns stand out from the rest because of their avant-garde originality. Their authenticity cannot be imitated, try as others might! This collection has traveled all over the world, but when it is showcased in a neo-classical architectural environment such as the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, a magnificent building of monumental value, it is then exhilarated.

After its recent renovations, it became the ideal setting for a styled shoot with Valentiny Photography, featuring two handmade Zolotas dresses called “Polydora” and “Aegle” (you know how we name our gowns by Greek names and beautiful meanings!).

“Polydora” is an incredible example of minimalistic simplicity, while “Aegle” (a Greek word which means the radiance which derives from luxury and elegance), is intricately embellished in handmade crochet. Everything is tailored in organic cotton fabrics. The golden radiance is created by the Thallo jewelry collection!”


PHOTOGRAPHY: Valentiny Photography

MAKE UP ARTIST:  Freddy Make Up Stage , Ioanna Kourkoulou

ΗAIRSTYLING: Katrin Coiffure


MODEL: Cara Schwering , X-Ray Models

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