Before getting married, you and your loved one will have to discuss some basic questions that will build the success of your marriage. It is important to know the attitude you will hold on matters that may arise in your common life, the needs of your partner and his views on several topics. What to ask, then?

1. If at any time there are problems in our marriage, are you willing to ask for help from a marriage counselor?

2. Do you believe you have any trust issues or insecurities?

3. How will we make decisions together?

4. How much time do you need every day for yourself?

5. What are your financial goals?

6. With what amount of available money would you feel comfortable with?

7. What are your thoughts of having debt?

8. How do you handle your anger?

9. How do we deal with conflicts together and how could we be better at it?

10. How did your parents show you love as you were growing up?

11. How will we spend our free time?

12. Do you expect me to change some things about me?

13. Do we forgive each other quickly?

14. What role will our families play in our lives?

15. Do we listen to the ideas and dreams of each other, and supporting them?

16. Can we openly discuss our sexual needs and preferences?

17. How can we ensure that we spend together quality time, no matter how busy we are?

18. What does faith and spirituality mean to you?

19. Do you want to have children? And if so, by what values ​​do you wish to bring them up?

20. How important is physical appearance for you?

21. Can you imagine a life by my side, with its ups and downs? The joys and the sorrows?

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